Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family Pictures 2011!

We finally got some family pictures done! They turned out perfect! Better than I could have ever imagined! These pictures were the "first" for a lot of things. First family pictures with Brynlee in them, First family pictures with my in laws, First family pictures for my in laws, First family pictures since I was 4 for my family, First professional pictures done of my in laws, and many other "first" that I cant think of anymore. lol. Here are a few of the wonderful pictures....
 ^ Hubby's side of the family ^
 ^ My side of the family ^
 ^ My baby girl ^
 ^ Hansom hubby and adorable baby girl ^ 
 ^ Our cute little family ^
 ^ Momma and baby girl ^
 ^ My sisters in law, brother in law, hubby, daughter, and I ^
^ All because two people fell in love ^


Kira Dee said...

I love this pictures!! They are so great!! And you've got one cute kid. :)

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