Baby Brynlee Maite Contreras!!!

Our wonderful baby girl Brynlee Maite was born on February 3, 2011 @ 2:44pm. She weighed 7lbs 4oz and was 20" long.
^^^^^ First Picture taken  ^^^^^
Coming home from the hospital!
finally home about 2 weeks old
She has been such a great baby! I could not imagine life without her! Besides 3 ear aches she is really healthy. She loves to smile and smile at anything and everyone she see's! She thinks she is such a big girl and often does things that surprises all of us! Her first smile was given to daddy on her first day of life. Her first laugh was for Grandma Griselda at about a month and since then she has been laughing a lot. At about two months she started rolling from her stomach to her back. She started actually paying attention to her toys and playing with them at about 3 months and since then enjoys anything colorful you put in front of her. Her favorite thing to play with are tags. The tags on the couch cushions, the tags on her stuffed animals, it seems like she is reading them but then, straight into her mouth it goes. She started eating baby cereal and pureed vegetables a week before her 4 month birthday and loves seeing her plate and spoon in front of her. Her favorite is sweet potato of course. She started wanting to sit by herself by 5 months and could do it just fine with support of course. Now she is 90% there to sitting by herself. She loves to drink water from a cup, yes a cup, not a bottle, not a sippy cup, a cup. She started sipping/sucking water out of a straw at 5 1/2 months. She also started throwing a tantrum and gets mad when she doesnt get her way! 
Her first bath!
first photography shoot!
about a month old

Baby blessing!
2 month photo shoot
3 months
4 month photo shoot
5 months
My 9 month old!
Brynlee is now 9 months! Time flies! I remember being pregnant and being so anxious to meet her and 9 months took FOREVER. Now that she is born 9 1/2 months hasn't been nearly enough time! :( I keep telling her to stop growing but of course she doesn't listen. She has been crawling around for the past month and a half. She will grab on to things and stand up and then let go, balance for a few seconds, and then fall. She will grab on to the walls and start walking and making her way around. She drinks from a straw, sippy cups, and regular cups. She wants nothing to do with baby food anymore. She eats pretty much every vegetable you put in front of her, even the green ones (unlike her momma). She will eat almost everything else we put in front of her as well! She is sadly weaning herself from nursing. She almost sleeps through the night. We started sleep training about a week ago and it has been very hard on both her and I but I know it is what is best for both of us. She now fully recognizes all her family and relatives and loves playing with everyone. She loves money and daddy isn't too happy about that one! hehe. Her two bottom teeth came in at about 8 months. She loves taking baths! She has had her first french fry, chicken nugget, and lollipop all at around 9 months. She still loves watching the Gummy Bear song! She has more toys and clothes than Matias and I put together and both grandma's keep buying her things. lol. She loves playing with Cesar, Gustavo, and Nicholas! She knows what a remote control is for and she LOVES talking on the phone! She had her first bladder infection and something that I forgot the name of that is something similar to strep this past month :'( She saw daddy with a pen writing a few things down and went to grab the pen and pretended to write something on that same paper! She will take her socks and shoes off and then try to put them back on. She is such a smart little girl! We will be starting to teach her the alphabet and colors soon! Hopefully she catches on and learns those quick! :) I love my baby girl! <3 <3 <3