Contreras Family established 2009

I met my wonderful hubby, Matias Luis Contreras in May of 2009 when a mutual friend took me to his house. From the first time I saw him I told my friend that he (Matias) was my future boyfriend. Matias on the other hand thought I was our friends girlfriend so he didn't pay too much attention to me. I later corrected him through text and instead of him asking me out I was brave, upfront, and to the point. I asked him to dinner!
This is like our 3rd date!
He was such a great gentlemen the whole time and even though I asked him on a date, he payed for dinner. :)  I fell in love with him right after that and secretly started calling him my future husband ;) lol. After about a month of going on dates almost 3-4 times a week (ya I know a lot) he was the brave one and asked me to be his girlfriend, after talking to my dad of course. No my dad did not give him a hard time like I thought he would! :) 
At Flaming Gorge Dam after about 1 week of being officially together.
We had such a wonderful time that in August (3 months after first meeting) he asked me to marry him, after talking to my dad yet again. My dad was way surprised that we were taking things really fast but was happy for us either way! If you know me you know that I like things big and fancy and my wedding was going to be no different and set our date for June.
My beautiful ring!
But after a lot of prayer we finally decided to move things along faster than expected and decided to just get married through the Provo court. On December 29, 2009 we were married. We had no honeymoon and no party but I was the happiest girl on the planet!
We were way nervous but we got married! 
I am hoping that when we get sealed for time and all eternity we will be able to have a HUGE reception. :)
We loved being married and loved each other so much that we decided to try and start a family as soon as we could. So after 3 months of marriage we starting trying to add a new addition to our family. About a month later we found out we were pregnant but shortly after I had a miscarriage. It was one of the hardest things of my entire life but since I had had a blessing earlier that day I had a little piece of comfort and knew that everything was going to be ok in the long run. Well Heavenly Father always has a plan and mine was to get pregnant about a month after.
baby contreras
It was a great surprise and blessing because we weren't even trying to get pregnant anymore. We were so happy but weary because we were rudely told by one doctor that I would most likely miscarry again and that it would be all my fault. After switching doctors we took extra precautions to make sure our baby would be ok. After a sometimes hard, sometimes painful, and especially wonderful pregnancy we welcomed our new baby girl on February 3, 2011. Baby Brynlee Maite Contreras page. We love being parents and could not imagine a better life!